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The C⁴ Career Program

Courage + Capability + Confidence + Conviction

Discover how to fully leverage your natural strengths, experiences and core values with the must-have skills and mindset to thrive in your career on your own terms.

Who Am I?

As someone who was promoted or given a role that previously did not exist in the business sixteen different times during my career, I am exceedingly familiar with the stress and downright fear that engulfs you as you stare at a steep learning curve while others stare at you with impatience and high expectations.

Having no other choice, I took my lumps and grew thick skin and through trial and error grew more accustomed to not always having the answers and accepting that I would have plenty of blind spots as I performed many tasks for the first time.

Only on rare occasions did I receive any support or guidance, but in two transitions I was given an executive coach who helped me to decompress and move forward. Imagine the benefits possible if I had a professional coach who successfully navigated exactly the same situations and was a highly accomplished Sales and Marketing executive themselves?

The fact is that people want you to succeed and you deserve the role you are in. On-the-job development can be a lot smoother and more enjoyable if you have a partner that helps you learn the mindset, skillset, and behavioral shifts you’ll need to meet and exceed the requirements of your role.

In 2007, at a Leadership Retreat working on our individual Life Purpose, I came to understand that my greatest professional satisfaction came from helping others fulfill their potential and achieve more than they ever imagined possible. This continues to be my passion today.

In addition to twenty years on Executive Leadership teams and multiple functional head of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Marketing positions in large and small companies, Tom has a Masters Degree in Executive Coaching and Professional Development from Middlesex University in London, ICF accredited certifications in Professional Coaching, Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching. Tom is qualified and approved to administer assessments such as Myers-Briggs MBTI, Firo B, Type and Emotional Intelligence, CPI 260, and others.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

This program is for Sales, Marketing and other professionals who:

  • Have recently been promoted from middle management to Senior Management and get little guidance and must navigate larger and more complex teams, issues and relationships.
  • Was a successful individual contributor and has been promoted to manage a small team of people who were previously their peers.
  • Moved to a new company and is starting from ground zero and needs to be firing on all cylinders.

Who It Is Not For?

  • Those who would prefer not to be challenged to expand the boundaries of their comfort zone and do the work necessary to grow and develop themselves and their self-awareness.
  • One who expects others to always conform to their will, is inflexible and is unwilling to consider a perspective other than their own.
  • An individual who is not prepared to be honest with themselves and doesn’t appreciate that change and a level of adapting are conditions for growth and success.
Module one

Laying The Foundation


  • Establish foundation reference points, personal and organizational context matches and mismatches to identify and sequence top priorities for you to use as a platform for personal growth.
  • Evaluate role expectations to ensure that the Big Picture demands are clear and that potential blind spots are understood so that your energy is efficient, effective and aligned with the 20% of activities which will drive 80% of your value. 
  • Identify the most burning business issue in order to build immediate actions to implement and begin to shift the momentum in your favor.


In this module, we will raise awareness of what makes you tick, how you presently match up with organizational/role requirements and shed light on potential blind spots in order to ensure that your efforts are applied most efficiently, effectively, and aligned toward the things that matter most, to you and to the organization, and so that you bring your best energy, motivation and authentic self to the job every day.

Module two

Visioning For Success


  • Identify your most desirable future personal and professional state in 90 days and in 18 months so that you have a precise picture in your mind of what your definition of success is.
  • Identify exactly what significant things are required from you and others so that you can have a clear view of the path to deliver on each time frame.
  • Identify any areas that are uncomfortable for you and require increased focus and skill/behavior/mindset change so that you can confidently deliver the tasks at hand.


In this module we will clearly define your success destination, what you are currently equipped to do, not equipped to do, and where others need to take action so that you will be positioned to take command of the situation and confidently lead the delivery while building new skills, behaviors and leadership experience on the way.

Module three

Building The Essentials


  • Understand specifically where and how your strengths can be leveraged to lead and solve short(er) term issues/problems so that you can establish momentum against the priority issues.
  • Rank the ‘blind spot’ and ‘Out of Comfort Zone’ needs to determine their level and urgency and begin to break them down so that you may advance in the necessary areas while demonstrating effort, growth, and enhanced leadership.
  • Deep dive individual areas of development and build steps to apply learning in practice in real time on real issues. Assess the impact of strengths and changes in comfort levels so you that can gauge progress and learn from what is working.


In this module, we will frame and break down your strengths and areas of development against specific, relevant issues and tasks so that you can employ and embed the new practice while gaining immediate feedback on its usefulness and effectiveness and where to build upon it.

Module Four

Leverage Game Changers


  • Utilize the most appropriate assessment tools so that you can build the baseline framework for key focus areas which will deliver your exponential growth.
  • Map Yellow, Blue and Green mindset and skill set areas and build a matrix based on the size of the prize, level of urgency, and degree of difficulty so that you have a meaningful picture and choice of Game Changers to pursue.
  • Identify the top two Game Changers and build an action plan and measures to evaluate your progress.


Growth is essential for any successful enterprise or individual. Smaller areas of growth are a day-to-day effort, however, understanding and being excited to attack Game Changing areas will drive energy and serve as an inflection point for your future, your hunger to grow further, and will positively affect those around you.

Module five

Becoming a Connected Leader


  • Deep dive into EQ, its meaning, impact, and personal preferences so that you have a heightened knowledge and frame of reference for your Physical and Social Presence.
  • Define your leadership profile within your organizational context to shape and evolve your approach so that it complements and influences organizational/team culture and is a natural extension of your values, style, and vision.
  • Identify critical Leadership situations, as well as, everyday moments where specific behaviors are targeted, goals assigned, tracked, and evaluated so that you are clear, intentional, and present in your interactions.


Leadership is a learned set of skills that derive from your values, awareness, curiosity, and modeling and is the backbone of your personal and professional direction. Through conscientious and intentional effort, your presence, impact, and reach will bloom driving your shift from being a contributor to becoming a connected leader.

Module six

Create Your Growth Plan


  • Build a From-To Destination Plan across Nine Skill Set/MindSet/Behavior Dimensions that build a personal growth bridge so that you have clear and achievable targets to work toward and specific milestones to get there.
  • Compile reciprocal actions and commitments needed from others and plan to engage them so that you may build support, participation, and accountability for your areas of destination.
  • Set simple Yellow/Blue/Green values for key milestones in order that your efforts and results can remain top of mind, calibrated, and refreshed in order to become second nature over time.


As one climbs the career ladder competition intensifies and the pyramid of opportunities grows narrower.
For growth and development to become part of one’s DNA requires everyday awareness and action. By the time you finish this module, you will have a clear roadmap to follow in mastering your transition.

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